Thursday, August 24, 2006


Maybe I just fell off the turnip truck but I had never heard of letterboxing until I picked up my latest issue of Family Fun magazine. What a fun idea for families! Essentially, it's a treasure hunt that originated in England where it's still popular. There are clues to various letterbox stashes online (I found plenty in my area). You print out the clues and go out to find the cache...

All you need is your own stamp, an inkpad, and a notebook. The stash will have its own stamp and log book for guests to "stamp in", while you can use the stamp you found to mark your own journal... kind of like a passport's bragging country stamps I suppose.

Oftentimes, the "treasures" will be in picturesque locations or on hiking trails... but there are even some hidden in urban areas as well.

I can't wait to let my kids go pick out their own personal stamp and start hunting with them! Cheap thrills are what we are all about... especially in the outdoors.

Locations of letterboxes and more information can be found at

-Ellie: Oak Harbor, WA

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