Saturday, August 19, 2006


Fridays are often seen by most of as the end-of-the week party day. It's the night we can stay up late, as the following morning is the one morning, perhaps, that we can change the pace and sleep in in the morning. It's often the dat when people go out to do something special, or stay home and do something special. Younger student-aged folks like to go out to movies, the Theater, Opera and more... Families often have a "game night" with ice cream or hot chocolate. On many nights we used to have bonfires in the field, enjoying the stars, crickets and fresh air, playing music together and having good beer. I have always loved Fridays for years for just these reasons. We even opted to choose the coffeehouse posts for Fridays, as it seemed fitting.

Today at Mass I was nursing Aidan. As I was sitting there looking at the crucifix, I thought of our Lord's Holy Passion and His love for all of us. He seemed so unreachable at that moment, so far away from most of my thoughts. -My Lord who is there loving me through thick and thin yet who continually longs for more of my love and self. Sure, I give to him all day long, in my every act: in playing with my son, making my husband a meal... in the changing of diapers, the scrubbing of dishes, the routines of my day which make up my vocation. However, I am indeed still far away from being more in union with Him in everything I do. This is what we all call the lifelong spiritual jouney. In this journey we have so many choices along the way to make regarding our growth in holiness. Are we looking at everything that fills our days and asking ourselves if it's edifying? Is it helping to lead us closer to God?

Looking at the crucifix, I was reminded of Good Friday and then realized, "Oh, today is Friday,". This morning I had remembered the day of the week it was and had chosen not to cook meat that day. But after that I didn't give it one thought until Mass. This reminded me of the importance of not just observing this fasting day, but of thinking about it and perhaps doing something in particular that helps to remind members in the household of that day in a solemn way. Although our Faith does not require us to fast from meat or sweets on Fridays anymore, I still think that if you can, it's a good practice to give up one or the other, or both. An inspiring example which I have seen in other families has been an intentional quiet time between the hours of 12-3, the same hours our Lord spent on the Cross. -Perhaps just make that the nap-time, the reading time, the play-quietly time... something more along the lines of contemplative work/play. There are also special prayers which can be said on Friday. In general, let's not fail to keep in mind the Holy event around which our lives are centered! As far as what I mentioned above about Friday being the party day, the activities themselves are healthy, good and fun. That's a great way to spend an evening after a long week of work. It's just interesting how we so often think of that first instead of thinking of Christ's Passion.

~Sia in Vancouver, WA


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