Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Coffeehouse: Saving Every Penny

Today I have just a simple thought to share. By the way, sorry about last week... I completely forgot to write my weekly post and didn't realize it until yesterday... there's a mother's forgetfullness for you.

Lately I haven't been stopping on the go for coffee, nor have I been drinking it in the mornings as I usually do. This is for the simple reason of just not liking it right now. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and am pretty much over the ill-feeling stage, yet still can't quite stomach that acidic drink. The smell is also too strong. I've come to really appreciate my good cups of black tea again, though, and I hope to stick to this as my more frequent hot beverage, as it is healthier, I think.

I have been amazed at how much money I have saved by not drinking as many of those coffees on the go. I usually try to only pay for coffee with any spare change I have in the car. If it adds up to the amount I need for a latte, I get that. If it only adds up to that of a small coffee with cream, that's what I get. But even so, it adds up! $2.oo every day adds up to over $700/year... if you get a fancier drink, something more around $3.00 every day, that adds up to over $1,000/year! If I were to sacrifice my little fixes of coffee on the road and save my money, I could not only be offering something up and practicing self-discipline, but I could be saving up for a wonderful family Christmas present, such as new high-quality cooking pots for the kitchen, good family books or a new puppet theater (for future years)... I can think of countless things. Or I could save that money up and give it to a charity. Either way, it' be neat to start a little car piggie-bank. Every time I'd want a cup of coffee I'd pop $1-3 in there and save up... However, this is easier said than done! I can be too idealistic at times.

(My husband thinks this is a silly idea. He says cups of coffee are worth every cent. Perhaps the little good things in life ARE worth those pennies.)

Happy mothering... more for later.

~Sia in Vancouver, WA


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