Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another Lesson from Children

How true it is that our children teach us nearly as much as we teach them! I observed something about my son this weekend that really put me to shame. He talks about the Truths of our Faith in a way that recognizes what they really are: realities. We had some non-Catholic visitors this weekend, and while I don't hide my faith at all... I notice that we "tone things down" quite a bit. We usually skip our nightly Rosary; we hurry through grace before meals; and we try to make Sunday Mass a casual, non-weekend-interrupting outing.

I don't think we should ever push our Faith in people's faces or be loud and aggressive about it, but we should NEVER back away from the truth in how it affects our lives.

Xavier asked me if we were going to pray the rosary one night in front of our visitors. I felt myself blush and said "I don't think tonight honey." And at dinner time, we barbecued. He mentioned that Papa's bone "looked like Jesus" (it was a T-Bone steak). I agreed with him verbally but felt a bit self conscious.

For kids, there is no artificial separation of religion with "real life." It is as it shoud be... all the same thing. They have no concept of hiding what their faith is or being self conscious about making the sign of the Cross or praying out loud or just discussing the world they experience in a way that reflects their understanding of God.

I wish I was childlike in that way. I want to be, and pray that I feel no shame or self-consciousness when the SUPERNATURAL WORLD (that is, the Eternal) butts heads with this TRANSITORY WORLD. Which one, after all, is more REAL... more LASTING... and more MEANINGFUL?

-Ellie: Oak Harbor, WA


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