Friday, July 07, 2006

There is hope

I just wanted to share something that I thought wouldn't happen for another 20 years or so in my life. I woke up naturally this morning! Since becoming a mother almost 4 years ago, virtually every morning is introduced by a child crawling in bed next to me or whining for me from the next room over or nestling into me to nurse or something of this sort. I used to wail to God: "Just ONCE, I'd love to wake up on my own!"

And it happened! By some miracle my two toddlers slept in until an unbelievable 8:20 and I woke to a soft sunlight filtering through my curtains and my dear husband leaning over to hug me. Amazing. I know all you other mothers can imagine the monumental feeling I must've had. So I wanted to encourage you that there is indeed hope... someday, when you least expect it God will allow you the glory of a gentle start to life's hustles and bustles. As it is now, I feel like this one peaceful morning made up for the thousands of groggy, aching, or rushed mornings behind me. Deo Gratias.

-Ellie in Oak Harbor


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