Tuesday, July 11, 2006

St. Benedict

Today is St. Benedict's feast day, the founder of Western Monasticism. While not every lifestyle can adhere strictly to his Rule, I believe everyone can apply certain principles to their own lives. In fact the National Catholic Register (a highly recommended paper) included in their most recent edition how families can apply parts of the Rule in their homes.

One of my favorite quotes is from him: "Let nothing be preferred to the work of God." That pretty much sums it up.

Tomie de Paola illustrated a great kids book about this saint and his twin sister;it's written by Kathleen Norris: The Holy Twins.

Today we should pray especially for our Holy Father who chose this saint as his namesake. St. Benedict's patronage includes: against nettle rash; against poison; against witchcraft; agricultural workers; cavers; civil engineers; coppersmiths; dying people; erysipelas; Europe; farm workers; farmers; fever; gall stones; Heerdt, Germany; inflammatory diseases; Italian architects; kidney disease; monks; nettle rash; Norcia, Italy; people in religious orders; poison; schoolchildren; servants who have broken their master's belongings; speliologists; spelunkers; temptations; and witchcraft.


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