Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pray for us Joshua...

On July 8th, something so tragic happened that it's taken a long time before I could post on it. Regina, the woman who designed the template for this blog accidently ran over her four-year-old boy in a church parking lot. The way this has gripped me and hit so close to home has been monstrous. I can not imagine, with any of my faculties, what kinds of thoughts must be going through this family's head.

Here is Joshua Michael Schmiedicke's eulogy given by his mother. The grace with which she is coping with his death is very humbling and inspiring. Let's pray for their whole family. Also, the family is trying to replace the vehicle that killed this little boy. If anyone would like to help in this regard they can send a donation made out to Mike Schmiedicke or Andrew & Regina Schmiedicke to this address:

Mike Schmiedicke
PO BOX 1963
Front Royal VA 22630

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