Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A mother needs your help

A reader wrote in and is asking for words of wisdom from all you other moms out there, I hope you can help! And I want to commend this mother for reaching out and looking for help; I know there must be many of us who can relate to her feelings. Please add your comments at the bottom.

I am a mother of 4 children, boy: 5, girl: 4, boy: 2, girl: 10 months. We are expecting our 5th child too. I have home schooled our son for Kindergarten this past year. Since we just found out of our 5th child, we are reevaluating our decision, not sure if we can really manage it. I am in hopes that you moms may know what it is like to mother a number of kids so close together. I am about to turn 30 yrs. old and may have a lot of years of fertility ahead! We have taken NFP classes and signed up for another set but then we found out about baby #5 on his/her way. We are practicing Catholics in a secular extended family and neighborhood. The persecution coming from the ones we love the dearest hurts the most and is very tiring. We do have some friends that are practicing also but they do not have their children so close together and I feel that they really do not understand how overwhelming it is. I have a spiritual director and even have begun going to a psychologist with a diagnosis of "overwhelmed mom with young kids". The older ladies and older men and mass always say "enjoy them while they are young." I want to so bad but feel so much the opposite. I want to be that joyful mom that I was and just need someone/extra ear to hear me out and give me advice that I can use. It is certainly trying and easy to be disappointed. Many people think that if you just obey Church teaching and pray there won't be any troubles, but that of course is not the case. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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