Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More on dipes

I can't get away from this topic right now! When I'm in need of new diaper supplies, I get on a quick obsession and scour the internet trying to find the perfect store and reading hundreds of reviews on different products. Even if I was to buy (and I only rarely do) the fancy diapering supplies with the cutesy prints, I know I'm still saving hundreds of dollars in the long run (thousands depending on how many kids I have!), so I don't feel too bad about the initial investment costs. I'll tell you what I look for in a company:

  1. A return policy. Most places offer refunds on unwashed/unused items minus a restocking fee.
  2. Reasonable shipping rates... even better are flat shipping rates.
  3. The following products are essential in my cloth diaper collection and so the company must sell these:
  • Stacinator So Simple! covers... nothing compares to this for nighttime diapering... it won't leave any red marks around the legs and I've never had a leaking problem.
  • Prorap covers... these are a standard for daytime diapering. They have leg gussets to hold everything in and they are long-lasting and affordable.
  • Bummis whisper pants... these are the covers I switch to when baby gets a little older, fatter, or wets himself more frequently. They are cheap, trim and work better than ANYTHING else. They only lose points on the cute factor but I can deal with that.
  • Kissaluvs terry cloth wipes... unbeatable.
  • Bummis diaper pail liner... I've never had the need to try anything else.
  • Snappis... who uses pins anymore?
  • Chinese pre-folds... the basic and most efficient way to cloth diaper your child.
  • Hemparoos doublers. I've made my own doublers before but they can be bulky. These babies are TRIM and ABSORBANT so we use them exclusively for nighttimes.
  • Some kind of swim diaper... I like Kushies but I think they all work pretty well from what I understand.

There are other products I've tried, but nothing worth raving about. I have a variety of covers I use, especially in the earlier months but the ones I listed above are my favorites. Okay I promise to stay away from this topic for a long time (though Sia or Hope might jump in with their reviews... who knows?!). I just had to get that out of my system. I found another rare company that sells ALL of the above products, so I'll be patronizing them frequently:


We'll discuss some more pertinent things to our faith in due time; I promise.



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