Monday, July 03, 2006

Making Do on Mondays

I am filling in for Ellie today, as she is re-uniting with her dear husband after a very long while.

I'm not as full of economical wisdom as Ellie, yet for today here a few everyday discoveries I've made lately with my toddler.

My little boy loves to pick food up with his little fingers. He is now 11 months and although he lets me feed him from a spoon still, he likes the independence of trying to feed himself-you know the age! He likes a lot of foods, but sometimes he just makes that "ick, that grosses me out" sour face when it comes to steamed, cut-up yams and sweet potatoes. Gerber brand makes some wonderful pure (unfortunately not always organic though) fruit juices with no sugar added, and my latest discovery was their Apple-Carrot juice, which is delicious and full of vitamin A. I now "spice up" his sweet potatoes and yams with this yummy healthy juice, stirring it into the hot root veggies when they're done steaming and let them sort of marinate in the juice for a while, until cool enough to serve. Vegetable or chicken broth works well, too. He loves it, and gobbles this one up now. Gerber also make apple-prune juice which I find to be helpful to keep things loose on their lower end... I like to add the apple prune juice to his oatmeal in the mornings, along with some yogurt. The best part about these little Gerber juices is that they come in little 4-oz. bottles, perfect to take with you on the road and so that you don't have to open a huge jug of juice at the beginning of the week and have it go bad after using so little. "Yo Baby" Organic Stonyfield Yogurt is great to have around, too, for its wonderful size. They come in little packs of 6 and are a perfect serving-size for the little eater.

On another practical not, I just saw a friend today who is 20 wks. pregnant and was wearing a lovely top. I commented to her that it was "a really nice maternity top" and she responded, saying that it wasn't a maternity top but one right off the shelves in the regular women's section. These days the style is long and stretchy, perfect for pregnancy! So rather than paying top dollar this year for maternity clothes, take advantage of the pregnancy-friendly styles out there! A couple nice tops from Old Navy, nice and long, will give you an idea of what I mean. Check out their ribbed tees and button-down shirts! Of cousrse, Old Navy has VERY affordable maternity tees, too...(as far as new clothing goes.)

~Sia writes from Vancouver, WA

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