Monday, July 10, 2006

Making Do on Mondays: Didya know?!

A few random tips, absolutely unrelated to one another:
  • I know we have many readers in California. Did you know that in this state (check your own for their laws... California is certainly not alone) children will be given as wards of the state if both parents die and no other legal arrangements have been made. The Court will typically choose a guardian from those who step forward on behalf of the children. Certainly family members can adopt the kids but to save them the tediousness of the court process, and to ensure that their wishes are explicitly followed, families should consider getting a living will drawn up. One big misconception is that people think they need diamonds and fur coats to have a will done. Not so. At the very least, all parents should establish guardianship of their children should something tragic happen to them. It is possible to make your own will without a lawyer but there are many specific terms and procedures that need to be used and not all states recognize "holographic wills" as valid before the courts.

  • Did you know that you can buy pregnancy tests at the dollar store? Instead of springing for those $10 tests every time you suspect pregnancy, load up on the cheap versions of the same test. Also, you can get tested for free at your local Birth Right or other (pro-life) pregnancy center. Please don't patronize Planned Parenthood...

  • Finally, when was the last time you took a look at your W-2 forms? I'm not claiming to be a tax expert, since every family has its own financial nuances to consider. But GENERALLY speaking, it could be a very good idea to claim a high number of witholdings. I've seen a lot of young, well meaning families claim "Married and 0" or "Married and 1" because they really look forward to that big tax return at the beginning of the year. The silly thing is this: Why let the government earn the interest on YOUR money?! If you change your witholdings and allot that extra money into the bank before you even see the increase in your monthly income, you will have your own nice chunk of change come tax time... and you will have been earning the benefits from it as well.


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