Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday Coffeehouse on Saturday

Hello, dear readers! I am indeed, as Ellie has told you, back in Ohio with my family, "romping around the farm." I have many subjects I'd like to write about in my Friday coffeehouse but for this week (a day late, of course) I just wanted to share with you my joy in one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had! First of all, making coffee is a highlight in my day. I like to, when I don't have a French press, brew it through a 1-cup coffee filter good and strong. and have it with half and half. Recently I was visiting some good family friends and went to make myself a cup of coffee. The mother in this household, (A huge mentor in my life who I will tell you more about in future posts) treated me to some special coffee beans. After I had brewed the coffee, she got out some FRESH, whole, unpasturized rich cream fresh from their cow that morning....There is nothing like frsh, pure heavy cream in good strong coffee.

Next week I won't bore you with more coffee talk. I hope to talk about some books and news perhaps... in the meantime, thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments on therecent posts. I have been very inspired by our readers and feel like we three are getting more out of this than we had ever expected! Thanks to

~Sia writes from her old home on Hanover Ridge in Ohio


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