Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Best Things in Life

There is a spot that I just discovered. It is a hidden spot (near a housing development)... A path leads to a river that is wide and shallow, perfect for playing children - even the babe. There is a little sandy beach area, lots of trees, reeds, rocks, sand, frogs; there is always a breeze, a gentle one that touches my face and makes me remember that I am a child of God. I've only been there twice, and taken my children, and we are always alone. I hope this doesn't sound too much like a John Denver song but I have been thinking about that spot a lot lately. I've been going through one of those parenting phases where I have been pretty liberal with movies and entertainment and things that keep my children quiet while I can do my chores or just have some peace. And I know we all probably go through phases of being more or less strict about those important things like nutrition, prayers, monitoring computer or tv time, etc. and that is all normal and fine and well, but when I am at that spot I am reminded of the best things in life. While at home I am constantly picking up crap- (forgive me for being harsh, I know that our material goods are a gift from God- but I feel like that sometimes when I am picking up MANMADE STUFF all day and trying to put it back into it's rightful place, or change it's rightful place and then forget where it's new rightful place is)- when I take my children to this spot we are surrounded by GODMADE STUFF - which I don't have to pick up, and delights them more than anything we could ever invent. They are usually quiet there, the yelling and screaming that echoes through the hallway of my house is somehow mute at this little refuge and I like to think that they too, are in awe of life in their own little way, and connecting with their Father-God in their own little way as the breeze touches their faces, the sun sparkles on the water rippling by, the sparrows dip and dive in the bright blue sky around us. The movie they've been watching is 8 different episodes of Dora the Explorer- we got it from blockbuster. She talks in high pitched tones and repeats words so many times that it is getting to be like that toy that your extended family member bought you that you want to throw out the window from the monotony of the electronic tunes. Not to rag on her too much I do like the theme song and the Spanish stuff, but the primary colors and perfectly shaped trees in the world of Dora, and I suppose all animation, although not bad, are just not real. I like to think that God made many things, simple things like those rolly polly bugs or shells or even sticks, for the main purpose of delighting children. I guess what I am pondering these days is that the best things in life are the real things in life- And most of the time, the best things in life are free.

Hope writes from Fillmore, CA


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