Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tell me I'm hypersensitive

On our Children's Booklist the book "Love You Forever" is listed. I put this on there because I remember it being read to me a long time ago and I know it is read and loved by several people... some are even moved to tears by the story.

In a nutshell, the story follows a mother singing the same lullaby love song to her child as he grows from infancy to adulthood; then when she is sick and frail, he holds her and sings the song to her. Sounds sweet right?

Well, I picked this book up at a garage sale the other day and read it to my boys and it just started to get a little "wierd" to me. I mean, the mom goes into the boy's room to hold him while he's asleep and sings this song. Even when he's a teenager. The creepy part to me, is that when her son grows up and moves across town, the mother gets in her car one night (with a ladder on the roof) and drives over to her son's house... climbs the ladder up to his second story bedroom and crawls in the window. She then proceeds to hold her adult son (still asleep) while she sings the song.

Now, I'm trying to give the author and book the benefit of the doubt since it's so widely loved, but does it seem odd to anyone else that a mother would break into her adult son's house to hold him in the middle of the night, without him knowing at all?! I don't know any mothers who would do that, and I certainly don't want my kids thinking that I would do such a thing. Some people think that kids may not look at it odd at all, but it just sits funny with me... I'm all for a close mother-son bond, but is this a little extreme?

Maybe I'm overreacting, let me know. Because at this point, I want to take it off our booklist.


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