Saturday, June 17, 2006

Posting this tonight for two reasons, tomorrow is the feast of Corpus Christi, and I wanted to get this up before most of you go to Mass in the morning.

  • I think we wives can do a lot more by way of treating our husbands like "men." Too often I hear bash-fests going on where women ridicule the things their husbands do or say. Of course some playful exchanges can be made between wives that help us to relate our "wiving" experiences to one another; I think this is fine. But sometimes, I think remarks are made that are absolutely cutting to a man's sense of self... even in front of him! I know this is something I've been guilty of... using crass sarcasm to make my husband out to be the dope while I'm the superior know-it-all. And sure it made people laugh. But it's taken me a while to see the effects this can have on a marriage. By cutting him down I set the bar for what kind of behavior I expect. Husbands may not understand, much less live up to the honor and dignity of their vocation when we turn it into something akin to what's found on the recess playground. I feel so nourished when I get the chance to spend time with other women who are in love with their husbands... who treat and talk about their husbands with great respect and admiration. Not only does it build me up as a Christian, but it reaffirms my value system that "manhood" can only be brought to its highest form when given the encouragement to do so. Men will become better husbands and fathers when they don't need to fear a nagging or criticizing remark all the time. They grow into their roles as the head of the household when they feel that they have the trust, love and support of their wives behind them... even when they aren't around.

  • My second thought on Father's Day is this: Don't forget our spiritual fathers!!! Godfathers should be offered a word or token of appreciation for the role they play in our children's lives. And even more so... our priests! Be sure to at least wish them a Happy Father's Day tomorrow at Mass... invite him over to dinner sometime... offer your Rosary for him and his intentions. Build a relationship with him that reinforces his role as a spiritual father in your life.

Ellie, back in Oak Harbor now!


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