Monday, June 19, 2006

Making Do on Monday

Welcome to your new regularly scheduled program: this week's topic is "Enduring the Awkward Stage." We all know what it is... it varies anywhere from the moment you see the second line on the pregnancy test up to about the 6th month. Your regular clothes don't fit and you look positively dumpy in maternity clothes. (This awkward stage repeats itself for some months post-partum for all you first-timers). After my first son was born, I felt terribly guilty buying large jeans because I knew my body wouldn't be that big forever. But it turned into a great investment as I've since worn those jeans during my second and now third pregnancy. Buying clothes in a larger size isn't necessarily imprudent since your body will run a gaunlet of changes during the child-bearing years and it's helpful to have something that fits right on hand. Secondly, this is a good reason to buy skirts with elastic waistbands. Depending on its length and the elasticity of the band, most skirts can be worn throughout a pregnancy either under or over your belly.

Finally, my favorite way to get through this awkward stage is to adopt the "Rubber Band Trick". I don't remember learning this from anyone but I've met a couple other women who use the trick and many more who are flabbergasted at its novelty and ease of use. I'd seek a patent, but alas, I suspect the majority of women would have enough common sense to figure the secret out on their own. Using a hair-band in the button hole of your regular sized pants can extend their wear and provide you with just enough breathing room to accomodate for your "expansion." Just make sure you have a long enough shirt to cover it up:

A basic slip-knot provides the greatest flexibility.

The knot can be redoubled depending on how tight you need it.

Ellie: Oak Harbor, WA


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