Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Little Moments of Joy

Being a mother has it's up times and down times. Here are some delightful recent up-times:
-It's amazing how, when I'm moody and just plain blue, one smile from my dear child can cheer me up. -Smiles from Christ, through my son?...
-He reaches out to touch my face, tenderly, as through to sweetly caress.
-Seeing a bird in flight as he sits playing in the backyard, he watches, intently. Then he turns to me and tries, with much passion,to say "bird".
-Leaning forward on all fours as his Papa walks in from work he turns his radiant face to him, smiling and exclaiming in his excitement
-A simple giggle!
-When I say "kiss" with a big smile on my face he leans forward with an open mouth and eats my face...

These are the little moments which fill a mother's heart with joy.



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