Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hooray! Ergo Baby Carrier

I have just purchased an ergo baby carrier... I think it is one of the best investments I've made yet for our family and future (God willing) children...
When I was in in labor with Aidan I went through 36 hrs. of back labor, and my back hasn't been the same since... I've been using a sling until now, and it has been wonderful. Yet Aidan is much heavier now, and I need his weight to be more evenly distributed when carrying him, as my back kills me over long periods of time of holding him. This new baby carrier centers the baby's weight and can be worn backpack style in the front, like a Baby Bjorn, or in the back, like in a normal backpack. I wear Aidan on my back when I'm going on walks, and in the front when I'm at the store or when he's sleeping. As a backpack, I have found it very convenient, as I don't have to deal with the weight of a frame or simply the massive bulk of it. And there aren't very many technical aspects to this carrier save a few backles and snaps, which is why I love it so fuss. It's comfortable, easy, and is frameless, so it can be stuffed into any bag. Oh-- and they can hold babies anywhere from newborn weight to 40 lbs! -They are rather pricy, but are worth every cent.


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