Friday, June 23, 2006

Food For Thought: Organic Sex

As an afterthought to Ellie's "When you can't muster a one-liner" post, I asked my friend Christine Ellis to let me post this blurb she wrote a while ago...

We live in a day where we look for natural organic quality in everything from cosmetics to fabrics, vitamins to food. We want to wear genuine leather shoes rather than synthetics; we check our labels for 100% cotton, wool, or cashmere, we want our lotions and soaps to have naturally beneficial herbs and ingredients, not tested on animals; we want our vitamin supplements to be from the purest sources to help bring about optimum health, we shun artificial colors and flavors and make sure that we eat chemical and preservative free certified organic food.

Ironically it is often when I am checking out at our local Trader Joe's, the organic food superstore, with my cart full of 100% whole wheat bread, organic fruit, yogurt, veggies, cereal, nuts, sun block, and so on and on and on, oh and of course my children, that I often hear comments like "You have so many children you hardley have room for your groceries" and the sarcastic "I think you need at least one more child" or the "Wow, you've got your hands full, were you trying for a girl?" as they stare wide eyed at my three boys ages 3 1/2 and under. All the while these people never seem to realize that I am checking out with what I presume is the one product they have overlooked- and that is the product of love conceived through 100%, genuine, all natural, uninhibited, chemical free, totally organic sex!

Hope: Fillmore, CA


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