Sunday, May 28, 2006

coffee tip of the day

With summer peeking slowly around the corner, some of you may switch to iced coffee drinks for your pick-me-up. If you aren't the type to make it yourself, you may be a victim to profiteering coffee stands! One thing that is really frustrating about iced coffee from a stand or shop, is that oftentimes the barrista will fill the cup up to 3/4 full of just ice!!! This makes the drink enjoyable still, but it lasts only a few sips.

Just ask for "easy on the ice"... to get more yum for your yen. It may take a few minutes to be completely cold, but you'll be able to savor your iced coffee much longer this way and be assured that your $3 was well spent!


one of us :: 1:10 PM :: 1 Comments